Mantic Reveal The Cover For Kings Of War: Uncharted Empires

October 21, 2015 by brennon

Mantic Games have been powering on behind the scenes with Kings Of War and have released the cover art for the Uncharted Empires book which will give you lists for playing armies that Mantic don't make models for right now...

Uncharted Empires

The armies that you'll be getting inside this book include...

  • The League of Rhordia (Human/Halfling Army)
  • Ratkin (Former Slave Race)
  • The Brotherhood (Good Knights - Water/Elemental Theme)
  • The Empire of Dust (Evil Skeleton Army)
  • Reptilians (Good Salamander Army)
  • The Herd  (Neutral Beastmen, Satyr, Centaur & More Army)
  • The Varangur (Shattered Clans - Evil Humans Worshipping Dark Gods)

The eighth and ninth lists that will also make an appearance have yet to be revealed but I'm sure that the educated amongst you could make some very good guesses.

This is a good step in the right direction from Mantic and each of these armies has been fully absorbed into the fluff making them an essential part of the geography of Mantica. I'm sure we might see models for these armies in the near future too.

Will you be getting this?

"I'm sure we might see models for these armies in the near future too..."

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