Knight Models Reveal More Dark Knights To Watch Over Gotham

March 31, 2020 by brennon

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Knight Models continue to reveal more options for their Batman Miniatures Game. This time around it looks like we're going to be getting two more versions of the Dark Knight himself as they dropped some previews over the weekend.

Batman April - Knight Models

This particular addition to the collection takes us into the world of Frank Miller's Batman. You might know this pose as it has already been done before but this sculpt is different as they have tweaked the face and done a little bit more with the details across the miniature to make it less "comic" and more realistic.

As well as this particular take on Batman, they also revealed this mounted version of the Caped Crusader.

Batman Mounted April - Knight Models

This is another take on the Frank Miller version of Batman and mirrors the look of the character from The Dark Knight Returns. In this particular comic series, Batman returns from retirement to bring the fight to some of his classic foes and it even throws him in against Superman too. It is certainly worth a read.

Are you tempted by either of these new Batman miniatures from Knight Models as options for your own games?

"...they also revealed this mounted version of the Caped Crusader"

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