Knight Models Begin Pre-Orders For Their Marvel Universe Game

February 12, 2016 by brennon

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Knight Models have now given us a release date for their Marvel Universe Miniatures Game and that means pre-orders are up now. February 24th seems to be the date when all of this will hit the table so see what's on offer right now...

Starter Sets

Kicking things off we have the Starter Sets which we've known about for a while. We have the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men.


Guardians of the Galaxy


I think that while I really like the X-Men team (especially with that version of Rogue from the cartoon series in the 199os) I have to plump for the Avengers with their awesome versions of Thor and Captain America. The urge to paint up the X-Men though is very tempting...maybe I'll just buy both?

In addition each team comes with...

"It also contains a small-sized rulebook with thirty-six pages full of rules! Each starter rulebook has a specific mission to play with your faction!" that is pretty good stuff.

Heroic Extras

In addition to the Starter Sets they have also added some heroes to the factions which can be used to bolster your crew. Of course it wouldn't be an Avengers team without Black Panther considering the new movie coming out soon.

Black Panther

...of course this week also welcomes the Merc with the Mouth to the silver screen and one of the best models Knight Models have ever made. See what you make of Deadpool.


Last but not least we have Nova for the  X-Men who I only really know of through the Dice Masters Avengers dice game. He certainly has a nice looking model though.


Now we just need to wait for some more characters and of course Hulk. I can't wait for the scenario where you're fighting against Hulk who has gone on a rampage where he acts as a force unto his own.

Will you be getting into this?

"The urge to paint up the X-Men though is very tempting...maybe I'll just buy both?"

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