Knight Models Welcomes Gorilla Grodd & More With This Month’s Releases

July 13, 2017 by brennon

Knight Models has welcomed a new raft of releases to their webstore for the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game too. We'll kick off with what's coming with Batman himself...

Batman Rebirth

This Rebirth version of him is looking awesome and I like the styled chest piece which reminds me a little of The Batman cartoon logo. As another alternative Batman, this might find its way into many a collection.

Facing off against him we have some bad guys too with the Maroni Crime Family...

Maroni Crime Family

...and this Militia Set II which gives Batman some more heavily armed and armoured foes to deal with.

Militia Set II

The streets are getting crowded with all manner of bad guys for heroes like Batman to face off against. I'd love to see a bank robbery/hostage situation played out where Batman can't just go in with his fists of fury and actually has to plot a proper strategy!

Apetastic Additions

Joining the DC Universe Miniatures Game we also have Gorilla Grodd and his band of warriors with a new crew set.

Gorilla Grodd Crew

While they might not have the weapons of the modern day to wield in battle they are tough and incredibly strong. After seeing Winston go to town on folks when he goes berserk in Overwatch you can just imagine what Grodd is like. There's also a new Shaman model you can pick up too.

Gorilla Shaman

Of course with new villains, you're going to need to assemble a team of heroes to face them.

Superheroes & Supervillains

Banding together some of their releases the team at Knight Models have put together a set for the Justice League featuring Green Arrow, Hawkman and Flash.

Green Arrow, Flash, Hawkman

But, if you're still feeling like a bad guy at heart you can also pick up their threesome of villains in the Secret Society Of Supervillains.

Super Villains

This effectively makes for an interesting tabletop experience already. Just throw in a few more characters here and there and you're ready for a clash.

Are you going to be picking up these new models and bundles?

"Joining the DC Universe Miniatures Game we also have Gorilla Grodd and his band of warriors with a new crew set..."

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