Lead Orc Armies To Victory With New Leaders From Forge World

February 24, 2019 by cassn

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Forge Worlds have announced two new named Orc captains for the Mordor army lists. These aggressive, front-line brawlers were tasked by Gothmog to attack through the broken gates of Minas Tirith and breach it's walls.


Goroth is a heartless, ruthless leader, using his own soldiers as shields for his self-protection. Zagdûsh, meanwhile, is recklessly aggressive, ignoring damage on his own body to deal out greater force to his opponents.


Goroth and Zagdûsh make great infantry leaders. Their combination of callousness and ferocity makes them a formidable team which can break through even the strongest enemy line.


The rules for Goroth and Zagdûsh can be found in the Gondor At War Supplement. For a closer look at these wicked warriors and to get your order in, head over to the Forge World website.

Which do you prefer - Goroth or Zagdûsh? Let us know!

"Break through even the strongest enemy line!"

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