Flame Of The West Expansion Coming To FFG’s Lord Of The Rings LCG

April 27, 2016 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have now announced another of their Saga Expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. The Flame of the West has you braving the Paths of the Dead, battling the Corsairs of Umbar and then fighting the Witch King himself at Pelennor Fields...

The Flame of the West

These Saga Expansions for the game are great and a nice twist on the regular Lord of the Rings format. They allow you to follow the story of the books with some interested twists including the carry over of special items between quests.

Flame of the West Cards

As you can see you very a very awesome version of Aragorn in this set to pass around the players. His ability is tied thematically into claiming his Kingship and those artefacts that you've been trying to pick up throughout the story quests.

The big dose of awesome however comes in the form of this new version of Eowyn.


This version has Eowyn strapping on the armour and taking on the mantle of Dernhelm. Her ability at the start of the game makes her a great pick for typically heavy threat tactics decks and the action once per game means she might just be able to fell the mightiest of beasts.

The artwork is fantastic here too!

Have you been following the Saga Expansions?

"This version has Eowyn strapping on the armour and taking on the mantle of Dernhelm..."

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