Check Out Wyrd’s Malifaux Releases For May 2018

April 30, 2018 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has shown off their Malifaux releases for May 2018. There are all manner of fascinating creatures and characters in the mix so let's get started with Gwyneth Maddox.

Gwyneth Maddox - Malifaux

This lady looks like someone you definitely shouldn't take a card off but no doubt you're going to get suckered in regardless. I think her model tells a nice narrative, with the other hand behind her back keeping the spell going that will no doubt cost you your life.

Next up we have Big Brain Brin as we're looking at characters. Who wouldn't want to hang out with this fellow and his lovely molerat? I think that's a trick question...

Big Brain Brin - Malifaux

...get away from him and his weird experiments as soon as possible!

All of the characters this time around don't seem to be the nicest people and that continues with Benny Wolcomb.

Benny Wolcomb - Malifaux

Once again, don't trust this fellow with any of your money, your wellbeing or anything you hold dear. That creepy coat made out of rats is the thing that suddenly jumps out at you as you're looking at the model. Another creepy addition to the roster.

Tinkerers & Charmers

We also have some additional units for your various gangs in Malifaux starting with the Guild Investigators who look like they've been taking tips from the Mafia.

Guild Investigators - Malifaux

Tinkering away on these rather awesome looking weapons we also have the Freikorps Engineers. They look far too happy to be using those sharp implements!

Freikorps Engineers - Malifaux

For the Gremlins of Malifaux we have the Gautreauz Bokors here who are casting all kinds of wild and wonderful spells. The Gremlins really do have some of the most characterful models in the range.

Gautreauz Bokors - Malifaux

And, since we're in the mood for some magic we also have the Charm Warders here. Wyrd Games do a great job of showing off magical effects on their miniatures and in turn that invites some very interesting paint schemes no doubt.

Charm Warders - Malifaux

So, that's your haul for May thanks to Wyrd Games. What has caught your eye from this selection?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Who wouldn't want to hang out with this fellow and his lovely molerat? I think that's a trick question..."

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