The Monstrous Geryon Stomp Into Wyrd’s Malifaux

August 23, 2019 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has previewed a weird and warped creature which seems perfect for the world of Malifaux. Take a peek at the monstrous and odd Geryon.

Geryon - Wyrd Games

Storming down from the mountains these weird creatures are looking to pack a punch on the battlefield. They can either storm into combat with claws and fists flailing or you might be able to make use of the environment, hurling pieces of stone and ice into your foes.

Geryon Rules - Wyrd Games

These Geryon also have a lot of staying power in the game too thanks to their Hard To Kill rule and The Old Ways. I must say, I haven't looked properly into the new version of Malifaux but I do like the card design!

What do you make of these strange alien creatures from the mountains?

"I do like the card design! "

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