A New Gremlin Master Zips Into Malifaux

June 28, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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A Gremlin with a jet pack! What could possibly go wrong?

Wyrd new masters group

This week's Wyrd Games preview is the next new master to be brought forward in the upcoming Ripples of Fate expansion book for Malifaux. Ripp is the new master for the Gremlins, and boy, will he be a handful.

Wyrd Ripp

His flight will already make things a challenge, but add to that twelve wounds to kill, and his Blasting Off Again ability -  things are going to get tricky. Blasting Off Again allows him to move 6" away from an enemy model after he makes his attack, getting him out of range for many. But whats really going to hurt, is his Constant Yammering ability.

This ability will be downright painful for his opponents as they have to discard two cards when they declare an interact action or it automatically fails! OUCH.

Will you be adding this jetpacking gremlin to your crew?

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