Latest Malifaux 3rd Edition Character Preview Is Enchanting!

April 19, 2019 by cassn

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Wyrd Games are giving us that Ol' Razzle Dazzle with their latest character preview for Malifaux 3rd Edition. Get ready to be amazed and entranced by the utterly astounding Colette Du Bois!


Much like before, Colette remains a tricky illusionist to pin down. Her Df/WP ability Fade Away, coupled with Showstopper makes her a fluid target and incredibly mobile. With skills like Illusionist keeping nearby enemies entranced, attackers soon learn to keep a wary distance from this crafty conjuror.


Of course, Colette is more than just a defensive character, and this marvelous magician also packs a punch. With Distracting Illusion and False Reality, she can Distract and Slow her enemies, while other attacks like the Sword Trick provide a pointy surprise for unfortunate targets.

Colette Du Bois is a talented trickster who will craftily conjure against any enemy. You can check her out in more detail (and download a cool mobile wallpaper!) here.

Who is your favourite M3E character so far? Comment below!

"Keep a wary distance from this crafty conjuror!"

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