Malifaux’s Factions Get Their Own Books For 3rd Edition

March 22, 2019 by dracs

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Wyrd Games are wrapping up the beta for Malifaux Third Edition and have made the announcement that they are taking things in an interesting new direction with the release of a series of faction specific books.

Each book delves into one of the seven factions of Malifaux, featuring new characters, art, bios, and stories that move the plot of the world further along.

These, along with the main rule book, bring the total up to eight books. At present, I don't know if these faction books are simple background books, or will work like army books with the rules for their specific faction included. Wyrd have said though that all the information needed to play will be available at launch.

There are both positives and negatives to Wyrd taking the faction-specific book approach. I, for one, will always love this format as it lets me dig even deeper into a faction and just gives me more to read. However, it does raise the cost for those wishing to play more than one faction, and effectively spreads the game out over multiple volumes.

It's easy to see why Wyrd would take this approach, as the factions have grown a lot since the release of first edition. It does raise the question of what happens to those leaders with duel loyalties though.

The main rulebook itself will be available this summer, either as a physical copy in stores, or as a free to download from Wyrd's website.

Do you prefer individual army books, or do you like everything contained within the one book? 

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