September Sees Snarling Bultungin & More Coming To Malifaux

August 29, 2018 by brennon

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Wyrd Games keep up the releases for Malifaux with some more characters and followers in September. Leading the way is the sultry Malifaux Gwyneth Maddox.

Malifaux Gwyneth Maddox - Wyrd Games

She looks ready to read your fortune and then slit your through at the first given moment. I love the story woven into the sculpt here where you have her offering those cards out to those in search of riches and fortune, only to see her crossed fingers behind her back as a terrible curse befalls you instead!

Maddox is followed up by some wild creatures and characters from the frontier of the Malifaux world. First, we have the Bultungin.

Malifaux Bultungin - Wyrd Games

The Bultungin are Werehyenas (getting shades of Hengeyokai here) that you might find skulking around in the wasteland. Their origins lie in the folklore of Africa and the Middle-east. They are as dangerous as you might imagine, hunting the shadows for those to turn into one of their kin.

Interestingly in Greek folklore, the Werehyena was believed to be the body of a Werewolf who was not slain properly by its hunters.

Cereal Miners*

We also have the Prospectors here who might have run into a few of these Bultungin on their travels.

Malifaux Prospectors - Wyrd Games

Another set of awesome miniatures which are very nicely tied to their artwork. You could imagine them being rather tenacious on the field of battle, making sure that they can stake a proper claim on the land that is full of riches!

I will go back to an old bugbear of mine however with Wyrd Games. They should really paint some examples to go on the back of the boxes! It would look so much nicer...

*terrible joke...

What do you think of the new releases?

"They should really paint some examples to go on the back of the boxes!"

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