Wyrd Miniatures Turn to Plastic for Malifaux

July 30, 2012 by brennon

Wyrd Miniatures have announced that they are switching to plastic for a lot of their models in the future Malifaux line. Check out some of the model concepts and renders that are heralding this change...


Dark Debts


"You've been wondering, pondering, even hollering about what we've got coming up and it's about time to let folks know what we've got going on.

Wyrd has traditionally done all of our models the old fashion way, sculpt, mold, metal .. good to go! And it hasn't been bad for us at all. Unfortunately these last few years we've had to deal with rising metal costs as well as a horde of other issues that have for one reason or another caused us a bit of trouble that necessitated our move to plastic.

We found a fix to that and in doing so, we feel that we have seriously upped our game when it comes to quality, product and model options.

If you like our artwork, then odds are you're going to love the miniatures, as we've moved from traditional sculpting to digital sculpting and from metal to high detail hard plastic (this isn't your bendy stuff!). Below we've got a couple of shots to show you the progress from art to finished plastic product.

Oh, and the best part ... we're not raising our prices to do so. Better quality, more model options (heads, arms, weapons) at a better price."

Mr. Graves

Mr. Tannen

The Depleted

So what do you think of these prospective models, and this change to plastic? Is it only going to make for a better hobby experience across the board with Malifaux?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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