Wyrd Turn You Into A Commander For Through The Breach

October 17, 2017 by dracs

Wyrd has stepped away from their miniature games for their latest preview to take a look at a new pursuit for the RPG Through The Breach. It's time to take control as a Commander.


Coming to the game as part of the new Through the Breach book, Above the Law, the Commander is an interesting pursuit as they get to bring a bunch of expendable soldiers with them into combat, and even call upon the services of hidden snipers!

In the end, it's about sending good men and women to their deaths for the Commander's own benefit.

The Commander sounds like they would be very useful on the table and a lot of fun to roleplay. RPGs often tend to start off with players taking the role of relatively unimportant characters, so the idea of taking a position of authority within the Guild is one I think I'd love to try (because who'd want to be a Guild flunky?).

Would you be willing to take command?

"It's about sending good men and women to their deaths..."

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