Check Out The Wolsung Boot Camp Bundle & More From Micro Art Studio This Weekend

September 15, 2017 by brennon

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Micro Art Studio, in celebration of the Wolsung Boot Camp this weekend, have put together a bundle of awesome deals and a 15% Discount for you to snap up so you can start enjoying this steampunk game with us.

Wolsung Deals

You can get your hands on some awesome Starter Sets and Rulebook Deals but the big thing is the ace Boot Camp Bundle.

Boot Camp Bundle

This bundle gives you a great discount on not only two starter sets (of your choice) but also the game rulebook, cards, topple and wound tokens plus two terrain kits offering up the Fish Market and Shantytown for you to fight in.

Wolsung Boot Camp Bundle

Wolsung Boot Camp Bundle (Rules & Tokens)

This is a fantastic way for you to get stuck into the game with a friend and start smashing out games of Wolsung. As mentioned above this bundle is only available, along with the rest of the discounts and sales until Sunday 17th September.

New Characters

In addition to the bundle, Micro Art Studio has now added three new characters into the mix which you can pick up. They have never been released before this weekend AND they are only available whilst stocks last. They lead with Gui Deng...

Gui Deng

...and are quickly followed by Captain Frederik Olafsson and Onuphrius Myshkin.

Captain Frederik Olafsson

Onuphrius Myshkin

Who could say no to a Halfling tinkerer with a penchant for putting light bulbs on the top of mice for his experiments?

Make sure to take a closer look at more of their deals over on their webstore and delve deeper into this game. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, you'll have had a great introduction to the game and its factions and will be ready and raring to go when your goodies arrive.

What will you be going for?

"...this bundle is only available, along with the rest of the discounts and sales until Sunday 17th September"

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