PlastCraft Go 15mm With Their New World War II Color-ED Terrain

July 29, 2016 by brennon

PlastCraft have shared with us some new images of their 15mm EWAR terrain. This has been re-purposed for their ColorED range allowing you to put together a great World War II battlefield featuring a Church and a small town setting...

15mm Historical Terrain

The range that you see above will include the church that you might know as Saint-Mère-Église. You will also be able to get four different types of buildings to help build up your town and a full package which contains them all.

15mm Historical Terrain (Alt)

If you're a 28mm World War II gamer then you can also get this terrain in that scale but this is great for those of you playing your games of Battlegroup or Flames Of War at this smaller 15mm scale.

Heading To Church

Saint-Mère-Église features as the focal point for this set of terrain and it's a great looking building packed with all manner of details.

15mm Historical Terrain (Church)

This is where John Steele, the paratrooper, got stuck hanging from the roof of the church. He had to witness the fighting below pretending he was dead before getting captured by the Germans.

15mm Historical Terrain (Church - Close)

He then escaped and joined the attack on the town shortly after. You can watch the events of this unfold in the film, The Longest Day.

Building Your Town

Of course you can't just have a Church by itself. So, PlastCraft have put together a range of different buildings which will work as the setting for your street to street fighting.

15mm Historical Terrain (Houses)

15mm Historical Terrain (Houses - Close)

Additionally these buildings will actually 'explode' so you can not only take a look inside them and position your units by the windows but also reduce them to ruins too.

15mm Historical Terrain (Houses Interiors)

15mm Historical Terrain (Houses Ruined)

This does show off one of the aspects of this terrain which you might want to tweak however. You may need to go round the edges of these buildings which stand out in that stark white and just darken them down to make them blend in a little more.

So, will you be picking these up for your 15mm wargaming?

"Saint-Mère-Église features as the focal point for this set of terrain and it's a great looking building packed with all manner of details..."

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