Battlefront Watch The Skies For More World War III Air Support

February 24, 2020 by brennon

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Battlefront Miniatures have added three more options into the mix for those playing games of World War III: Team Yankee. Each of these sets work as some much-needed air support for those on both sides of the conflict.

Harrier Close Support Flight - Team Yankee

We start with the British who get themselves the iconic Harrier Close Support Flight. I absolutely love seeing these planes and I remember many a time at the Cosford Air Show as they took off and set all the car alarms blaring at the same time.

West German Tornados

If vertical takeoffs aren't really your thing then you can also get yourself some options for the Germans as they get access to the Tornado Strike Flight which is going to cause some serious damage to the enemy.

Tornado Strike Flight - Team Yankee

Able to be armed with all manner of different bombs it could punch a nice big hole in the enemy advance and make sure that your forces on the ground have quite the advantage. Working as an Interdictor Strike Aircraft it could be a formidable addition to your army.

Soviet Air Support

On the other side of the fighting, we have an option for the Soviets as they get their hands on the Su-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company.

Su-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company - Team Yankee

Big, chunky and hard as nails, this Soviet option for your army was able to get low and strafe enemy troop formations whilst avoiding damage to your own forces. The Su-25 could take a beating and still manage to get back to your airbase, so they seem like a pretty safe option for World War III games.

Are you tempted to snap up some of these new aircraft for Team Yankee?

"Are you tempted to snap up some of these new aircraft for Team Yankee?"

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