Battlefront’s Team Yankee Oil War Pre-Orders Now Live

March 23, 2019 by brennon

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Battlefront Miniatures has now started taking pre-orders for the new Oil War book for Team Yankee AND some of the associated miniature boxes too with great ways to get started.

Oil War Book - Battlefront Miniatures

This new book takes the fight in Team Yankee towards the Middle-East and has you battling with Iran, Iraq, Syria and Israel. There will be a number of new starter sets to get you going with all of this is John's recent Hobby VLOGs have been inspiring you. We start with the Ayatollah's Revolutionaries.

Ayatollah's Revolutionaries - Battlefront Miniatures

All of these new sets offer up a flavour of the different tanks, choppers and more that would have been available to the various countries. We also have Hussain's Republican Guard which features some of those dinky choppers from the period!

Hussain's Republican Guard - Battlefront Miniatures

Last but not least for the larger Starter Sets for this aspect of Team Yankee we have Kahalani's Warriors. So, that's Iran, Iraq and Israel all getting sorted out right off the bat for this battling in the Middle-East.

Kahalani's Warriors - Battlefront Miniatures

This is just the tip of the iceberg however when it comes to the releases for Oil War. There are lots of additional units, vehicles, tokens and terrain for you to start exploring over on their Pre-Order Page.

Let us know if you're getting involved in Oil War and if so which side you'll be playing as.

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