Preview – British & German Vehicles For TANKS: The Modern Age

September 1, 2018 by brennon

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Come and join us for another look into the TANKS: The Modern Age range which will be launching later in October. If you missed the previews so far you can go back and check out the Soviet & US Vehicles Article HERE and our look at the Starter Set HERE. But, today it's all about the British and the Germans!

British Chieftain - TANKS Modern

We kick things off in the proper fashion with a British tank, the massive Chieftain. We're going to do things a little differently this time and show off the card for the model right here as well so you can find out how they work on the tabletop.

Chieftain Card - TANKS Modern

This tank is a hefty hunk of metal and brings with it some tough armour for your enemy to break and a good dose of firepower for punching through enemy tanks. It also looks dead awesome...just as a tank should be, without any frills!

The next tank out of the block is the Scimitar.

British Scimitar - TANKS Modern

This is one of the tanks you want to include in your force if you like the idea of pushing forward and getting those flanking opportunities sorted. It can power forward on the tabletop and...

Scimitar Card - TANKS Modern comes with Rapid Fire! I love the idea of this belting out round after round to chase off those pesky helicopters and such that are trying to harry your advance. A couple of these would be good for watching out for the big lads in the centre.

Continuing the theme of naming British tanks in awesome ways we have the Striker which is a bit more of a support vehicle like we've seen for the other factions.

British Striker - TANKS Modern

The Striker allows you to provide adequate cover against air units but also race into a scouting position to help your allies. It brings missiles to the table rather than a big cannon. It does limit the use of a Striker but if used against the right enemy you could have a distinct advantage over them.

Striker Card - TANKS Modern

Lastly, for the British, we have the Swingfire. Once again this is more of a support vehicle allowing you to aid the likes of the Chieftain on the tabletop.

British Swingfire - TANKS Modern

There are a few different options here then you'll see for the British. I think they would make a great ally for the US in games with the British watching the skies and the US dealing with the forces on the ground.

Swingfire Card - TANKS Modern

Of course, as with everything for this game, there are a number of different cards showing off variants of these tanks. You will also be able to fill out those crew slots in order to personalise your force even more.

Being from Blighty myself I think I'd have to make sure I played as many British tanks as possible. You wouldn't want to make old Queeny upset now, would you?!

German Engineering

Arrayed against you on the field you might see some of these hulking German vehicles. We lead the way with a pair of rather iconic tanks, the Leopard 1 and the Leopard 2.

German Leopard 1 - TANKS Modern

Once again, these are some of the most iconic tanks from the period and mainstays of the German army against the Soviets. Whilst I prefer the shape of the British tanks I think that the colour scheme for the German tanks is a little more exciting. They have that proper 'Army Men' feel!

German Leopard 2 - TANKS Modern

Card-wise we're looking at a few little variations in the vehicles to show their Historical differences.

Leopard 1 Card - TANKS Modern

The Leopard 2 is the natural upgrade to the Leopard 1 but it also comes at a massive sink of points. You do get the extra re-roll and some boosted statistics but it might behove you to take more of the Leopard 1 Tank if you want to try and flood the board.

Leopard 2 Card - TANKS Modern

Either way, these are two of the biggest and toughest tanks out there which were equal to many of the vehicles that the Soviets could throw at them during the period. Don't underestimate the Germans!

Working alongside these big German tanks we also have the Marder.

German Marder - TANKS Modern

The Marder is a big chunky vehicle in its own right with a beefy hull and some rapid-fire capabilities for dealing with air units.

Marder Card - TANKS Modern

Once again this opens up a new option for the West Germans, providing you with a screening force of tanks which can keep the enemy at bay whilst the big boys roll into position and unleash hell.

You will have a LOT to play around with when it comes to TANKS: The Modern Age and the German/British contingent here is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to releases.

Make sure to let us know what you think of these tanks and watch out for Helicopters soon!

Drop your comments below...

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