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August 14, 2018 by brennon

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We've teased to you what is included within the Starter Set for TANKS: The Modern Age, a revamp of the game system from Gale Force Nine and Battlefront, but now we're going to be looking in more detail at the options available to both the US and Soviets when the game hits. We'll start off with the US!

US Patton - Tanks Modern

Above we have the hulking M60 Patton which will be one of the big main tanks you'll be able to use on the tabletop when it comes to the American forces in TANKS. This is then matched by the likes of the M1 Abrams which you'll know from the Starter Set and again, one of the most iconic tanks of the period.

US Abrams - Tanks Modern

Beyond the big tanks though for the Americans we have some supporting vehicles, which is neat to see coming to the fore in TANKS: The Modern Age. Leading the way for this we have the M901 ITV which can be tweaked and change to fit what you need it for.

US M901 - Tanks Modern

We also have the LAV here as well really showing off the alternative path you can take with the forces you bring to the table in TANKS. You can shun the heavier armour in favour of a lot more support units and see if you can outwit your opponent that way.

US LAV -Tanks Modern

It wouldn't be an American force however without one of the iconic vehicles of the period, and it isn't even a tank! Here is the Humvee kit that you'll be able to tinker around with too.

US Humvee - Tanks Modern

Once again the Humvee allows you more speed and various chances to get the drop on your opponent. Having one of these swinging around the rear of a force might be just what you need to secure a darn good ambush.

American Card Preview

As with all of the vehicles in this game, you'll get a set of cards which show you all of the options available to you during play. So, I've sneaked a look into the pack of cards and thought I'd show off some of them so you can prepare for the awesomeness coming your way.

M901 ITV

US M901 ITV Card - TANKS Modern


US LAV25 Card - TANKS Modern


US Humvee Card - TANKS Modern

So, this gives you a taster of just some of the new options that will be dropping for TANKS: The Modern Age. As you can see these new vehicles bring in a wealth of additional options like Scout and Spearhead, offering you a chance to get behind enemy lines sooner.

You will have to weigh this against the lack of armour on these things and be careful where you place them because if they get caught in the open they'll end up blown to pieces!

Soviet Options

As well as the US we're going to be looking at the various vehicles that will be dropping for the Soviets as part of the release too. Whilst the US has a lot of support vehicles the Soviets seem to be relying on their heavy armour with a variety of different tank options like the T-72 here.

Soviet T72 - Tanks Modern

This continues as we look towards some of their alternative tanks like the T-64...

Soviet T64 - Tanks Modern

...and the T-62 and T-55. Each of these tanks is subtly different and offers up new options for you when it comes to taking on the Americans on the field of battle.

Soviet T63 - Tanks Modern

Soviet T55 - Tanks Modern

I quite like what this represents when it comes to games of TANKS: The Modern Age though. It means that you have a real sense of asymmetry between the two main factions in the game. Suddenly you have the quick and nimble American force with its support vehicles going up against the heavily armoured Soviets.

It isn't all tanks for the Soviets though as they also have the Soviet BMP for you to consider as part of your arsenal. In terms of support options, it might not be quite as nimble as a Humvee but it's got a different purpose on the field.

Soviet BMP 1 - Tanks Modern

As with the US, we thought we'd give you a look at some of the Soviet Cards as well to give you a feel for the different options you have to play with.

Soviet Card Preview

For example, we start with two of the different options for the BMP.


Soviet BMP 1 Card - TANKS Modern


Soviet BMP 2 Card - TANKS Modern

Immediately you can see a difference due to the load-out options for these vehicles. Whilst the BMP-1 is a good fit for someone trying to fill out their points allocation in a force the BMP-2 is something you might want to splash those extra points on to unlock that rapid-fire cannon and the additional bonuses to its statistics.

Of course, it wouldn't be a look at the Soviets without a sneaky look at one of their cards. Here is the card for the T-62M.

Soviet T62M Card - TANKS Modern

Of course, there are plenty of different variants for you to consider with the Soviets and an entirely different playstyle to master as well.

TANKS: The Modern Age is coming very soon indeed. We can't wait to get stuck into the game in more detail and get a Let's Play or two sorted!

Are you tempted by the Americans or Soviets for this game now you've seen the options available to them?

Let us know below!

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