Big Czech Guns Keep The Enemy At Bay In Team Yankee

October 18, 2018 by brennon

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A new array of vehicles are coming your way this week for the Czech forces in Team Yankee. As with the Soviets a few days ago for Flames Of War, it looks like we're getting big guns and support vehicles for these forces of a more modern war.

Dana SP 152mm Battery - Team Yankee

The first of the big guns is rather massive indeed with the Dana SP 152mm Battery. These things were insane, being driven by an automatic loader. This meant this insane howitzer could either be run as a single shot piece of equipment or a fully automatic death cannon!

Moving on from that we're switching out a single destructive shell for a series of rockets instead with the RM-70 Rocket Launcher.

RM-70 Rocket Launcher - Flames Of War

If you thought the previous gun was dangerous then you'll want to know more about this weapon. It can concentrate fire in an area of up to three hectares in one volley, dropping up to 256kg of explosives making it a very powerful deterrent for advancing infantry...mainly by virtue of the fact that they'd be turned into blackened mulch.

Armoured Relief

As well as all these big guns we also have some vehicles which will keep your soldiers alive and well. Here we have the OT-64 Transport.

OT-64 Transport - Flames Of War

These vehicles were used by both the Czechs and the Poles during the fighting of this period and as well as being great for covering rough ground they could also work in water as amphibious vehicles too.

If you've started collecting yourself a Czechoslovakian army then these vehicles would be a neat next step for you.

Are you going to be snapping them up?

"...making it a very powerful deterrent for advancing infantry mainly by virtue of the fact that they'd be turned into blackened mulch"

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