New Kickstarter For Delta One Zero: Miniatures Game Is Bonza

October 16, 2019 by avernos

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Bonza Games have just hit Kickstarter with a campaign for their modern combat tabletop game Delta One Zero. The game itself is aimed at simulating modern combat from the perspective of Hollywood or a computer game. If you've fancied playing out CoD or Battlefield then now is your chance.

Delta One Cover

The game mechanics are based on a d10 system and one of the core concepts is managing the stress factor on your unit's members. If things aren't going to plan and the commander isn't handling matters well then your force can quickly find itself combat ineffective.

The campaign is initially aiming to unlock the rules and two metal factions, to begin with. They have a starter set named Black Winter and it contains everything you need to start planning out your tabletop missions.

I'm really intrigued by this game, modern warfare as a genre has never interested me but the idea of playing out video game scenarios or film simulations on the tabletop could be a much bigger pull for me and others, who hasn't wanted to cycle weapons like Face in the A-Team, or murder their way through countless mooks in an attempt to disarm a bomb on board a hospital ship full of sick kittens? I know I have.

Black Winter

The Beta test rules are currently available if you want to check them out and see how they play you can download the rules from their facepage. Apart from the starter set Bonza also have pledges for those of you who fancy getting some modern miniatures to paint or game with.

Combat is based on teams of 5 to 12 per side and the rules are written to be scenario-based or competitive play, allowing a quick game without a lot of additional rules weighing it down.

So far there are two factions in the game the UK Peacekeepers.

Unitied Kingdom Peacekeeping Force

and the New Eastern Bloc Alliance

New Eastern Bloc Alliance

The renders look excellent and the preview casts they have shown off look very good. All indications so far for the game are very positive and it looks like it will fill a niche for gamers looking to replay the Hollywood experience on the tabletop.

If you're interested in learning more the designers of the game have a podcast Power Stance Gaming that they have discussed Delta One Zero on over the past few years as this labour of love approaches completion.

Will you be having a Bonza game with modern warfare?

"...who hasn't wanted to cycle weapons like Face in the A-Team, or murder their way through countless mooks in an attempt to disarm a bomb"

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