Grab New Cold War Releases From Plastic Soldier Company

January 10, 2018 by brennon

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It's always good to have alternatives when you're looking to build an army on the tabletop. With that in mind take a look at some of the new Plastic Soldier Company releases for their Cold War range with a new tank and some infantry figures too.

M60A3 Main Battle Tank - Plastic Soldier

The first release to take a look at is this M60A3 Main Battle Tank for your American forces on the tabletop. All of these models are in 15mm scale as a reminder so they could be used as alternative models in a number of games, Team Yankee for example.

You will get five of them in the set giving you a solid core of tanks to use on the tabletop.

Soviet Infantry

The Soviets have also been well supplied as they got themselves some Infantry for you to drop into your games.

Modern Soviet Infantry - Plastic Soldier

I always like seeing what companies do with 15mm scale Infantry as you obviously have to make some tradeoffs when it comes to detail again recognisable weapons. However, from this peek at the least it looks like you're getting some rather swish looking soldiers.

What do you think of the newer releases from Plastic Soldier Company?

"All of these models are in 15mm scale..."

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