Head To The Desert With Upcoming TANKS Expansions By Gale Force Nine

March 14, 2017 by brennon

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The team at Gale Force Nine are taking their TANKS to the desert with a new Desert Campaign which is going to run alongside some new tank releases too. You will be able to fight in the deserts of El Alamein using their quick and easy rules. So, let's check out the tanks!

Panzer III

We're kicking things off with the Germans who get themselves a rather neat looking Panzer III as you can see above skulking behind that wall. This is matched with Panzer IV (Long) which you see below, another great looking tanks.

Panzer IV Long

The final tank, for now at least, coming to the German collection is the dangerous Tiger which was feared across the desert and beyond.


In terms of new rules coming your way, the Panzer IV (Short) is going to come with the Artillery special rule which means you can fire without having to have a direct line of sight to your target. This means that you can seriously mess around with the manoeuvring options when it comes to your force on the tabletop.

The British

Matching up against the forces of the Germans we have the British Tanks starting with the Grant.


The Grant is one of those tanks which brings another special rule to the tabletop. This tank has the Hull Gun which allows you to add another dice to your attacks for some fearsome group shots. You have less of a field of fire, but can really hit home.

Additionally, you can also pick up the Crusader with its low profile, perfect for hiding out in the desert and the towns of North Africa. It does have weaker side armour though so watch where you position it.


Finishing things off for the British in this new TANKS expansion we have the rather cute tank known as the Honey. It might have a nice name but it can pack a punch on the battlefield.


The Honey was nicknamed because of an affectionate quip from one of its drivers. The crews loved this tank for its high speed and great use as a reconnaissance vehicle.

The Campaign

So where do we go from here? Well, you will be able to play through an awesome campaign which will feature a few different missions...

Month #1 Game

Month #2 Game

Month #3 Game

Each of these missions will be playable at your local gaming store where you will be able to get stuck into some exciting scenarios featuring new terrain rules and more. This sounds like a lot of fun and of course, there are rewards for taking part too.

Seasonal Rewards

You'll be able to pick up new markers and badges, extra cards and more. Keep an eye on things as they develop as it would be fantastic to see what folks are up to with this game, taking it from Europe to the sands of El Alamein.

Will you be picking up these new tanks?

"This sounds like a lot of fun and of course, there are rewards for taking part too..."

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