New Ace Pilots & Fighters Released For Warlord’s Blood Red Skies

July 13, 2020 by brennon

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Warlord Games are getting back into the swing of things with their new releases and Blood Red Skies is getting two new sets of Ace Pilots plus extra Squadrons for the Germans and Soviets too. We start with the Soviets, the Ace Pilot named Mariya Dolina.

Mariya Dolina - Blood Red Skies.jpg

Mariya Dolina // Blood Red Skies

Flying around in her Pe-2, she was a hero of the Soviet Union. She flew over 200 combat special missions and ran seventy-two successful bombing operations throughout the Northern Caucasus, the Kuban, Crimea, Kursk, Belarus and the Baltic. She even survived the war and continued to fight for the Soviets into the 1970s!

The next of the Ace Pilots is for the Germans and features Walter Borcher in his Ju 88C. Much like with Mariya, you'll get a new plane plus the cards you need to use them in your squadron of choice.

Walter Borchers - Blood Red Skies.jpg

Walter Borchers // Blood Red Skies

Borchers flew many missions throughout France and Britain during the war and then moved into deadly night fights from March 1943. He was credited with taking down several four-engine heavy bombers and his victories moved into the forties by March of 1945. He met his end near Altenburg when he was shot down and killed by an RAF Mosquito night-fighter.

New Blood Red Skies Squadrons

Moving on to what is next in terms of the Squadrons for Blood Red Skies, we have two big sets. Both of these options come with six miniatures and all of the cards and such that you need for use in gameplay. Here they are!

Pe-2 Squadron - Blood Red Skies.jpg

Pe-2 Squadron // Blood Red Skies

Junkers Ju 88C Squadron - Blood Red Skies.jpg

Junkers Ju 88C Squadron // Blood Red Skies

Both Light Bombers and Heavy Fighters are being introduced for the Soviets and Germans as part of these releases. I have always enjoyed seeing the work people do when it comes to painting up the planes for Blood Red Skies and it has always been an avenue into World War II wargaming that has interested me.

Maybe I'll be tempted by the Soviets or the Germans soon enough. However, I still think I'd have to go with the British and paint up miniatures that my Grandfather worked on back in the day.

What do you make of these new miniatures?

"Both Light Bombers and Heavy Fighters are being introduced for the Soviets and Germans as part of these releases..."

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