Pico Armor Shows Us Big Releases In Tiny 6mm Scale

November 5, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Pico Armor who specialize in 1/600 scale miniatures have some new releases available especially for modern and Cold War aficionados.

There is the iconic F-106 Delta Dart with its unique wing design for the time it came out.

There are also several German vehicles to include the Biber AVLB (mobile bridging system), Pionierpanzer Dachs & Bergepanzer (German engineer and ACRV vehicles), and the Marder Roland (SAM system).

They have also included the Tigre HAP French support helicopter. To round out the releases for this tiny scale is the JH-7A Chinese two-seat fighter-bomber.

The miniatures would be perfect for that massive battle of hordes of tanks and other vehicles swarming over the hills to overrun a territory only to be met by a stalwart defender. I have always been curious about this scale and Pico Armor, but have always worried about the amount of detail at such a small size.

I just don't want lumps of white metal with a dash of colour sitting on a game table. I might just have to order some examples and see for myself. So I must ask, @Oriskany would these tiny combatants represent a more realistic ranges of fire?

What is the smallest scale you have played?

"The miniatures would be perfect for that massive battle of hordes of tanks..."

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