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The Trident Realm Rise From The Deep For Mantic’s Armada


Mantic Games has been previewing the newest faction coming to the oceans of Pannithor. The various fleets of Armada are going to be peering down into the depths and hoping that they won't get dragged below the surface by the Trident Realm.

Unboxing: Oak & Iron – Ships Of The Line | Firelock Games


Join us for an unboxing of the Oak & Iron Ships Of The Line expansion set from Firelock Games. Another way to add stunning plastic ships to your 1/600 Scale Historical wargames.

Unboxing: Oak & Iron – Merchant Men | Firelock Games


Join Gerry for an Unboxing of Oak & Iron where he is looking at the Merchant Men Expansion from Firelock Games for your naval wargames!

4Ground & Dreamholme Work On New Resin Island Terrain


4Ground are going to be working with another indie designer in the near future. Shaun Mutton's "Dreamholme" terrain collection is going to be arriving on their webstore soon and includes some new coloured resin terrain for use in your naval wargames.

Unboxing: Oak & Iron – Gentlemen Of Fortune | Firelock Games

3 years ago 1

We dive into an Unboxing of The Gentlemen Of Fortune set for Firelock Games' Historical naval wargame, Oak & Iron. 

Unboxing: Oak & Iron – Blackbeard’s Revenge | Firelock Games


Gerry gets stuck into an Unboxing of Blackbeard's Revenge from Oak & Iron, the Historical naval wargame from Firelock Games. 

Unboxing: Oak & Iron – Men Of War | Firelock Games


We dive into a new Unboxing for Firelock Games as we look at the Men Of War box for Oak & Iron which adds 4th, 5th and 6th Rate Ships into your fleets.

Check Out The Drowned & The Damned On Kickstarter Now


Dead Earth Games are on Kickstarter with their Fantasy Naval Wargame called The Drowned & The Damned! Take to the high seas with either the Dwarves or Elves in this 1/600 Scale sea-battler.

Minairons Miniatures Showcase A New Ship Of The Line


Minairons Miniatures showcase a rather neat looking new Ship Of The Line which will be coming out from them soon for their 1:600 Scale collection. 

Pico Armor Shows Us Big Releases In Tiny 6mm Scale


Pico Armor masters of miniature and I mean really really tiny miniatures have some new releases for the modern armour buff.

Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond

9 years ago 43

Simon Stokes takes us through the history of Naval Battles both in history and on the tabletop as well as giving us a crash course in the games we should take a look at...

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