What A Tanker! Rumbles Out For Advance Order

March 22, 2018 by dracs

TooFatLardies have announced that their new game What A Tanker! is set for release on April 9th, and have now put it up for advance order.

What a Tanker

The rules let you play out WWII tank battles, and include lists for France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union and the United States forces.

What a Tanker Rules

There is also a campaign system, allowing you to turn your tank crew into daring aces and legends of WWII.

German Career Ladder

The Advance Order also includes the Tool and Token set, featuring a Universal Tanker Tool to help work out angles and six sets of tokens to help turn your games into frantic six tank skirmishes.

What a Tanker! promises to be a very fun addition to TooFatLardies rules range. It has a light, fun feel to it, that appeals to me as a non-historical gamer, but also keeps that focus on the history of these machines.

Which WWII tank do you want to command?

"Turn your tank crew into daring aces and legends of WWII."

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