Sgt Reckless Trots In As Warlord’s September Exclusive Mini

September 5, 2022 by fcostin

Warlord is on to their next exclusive offer this month, with a new month adding a special edition miniature to your collection when you make a purchase from the Warlord Store. A four-legged ally is on the way for Bolt Action: Korea as Reckless joins in for a September special.

Sergeant Reckless Preview - Warlord Games

From Korean liberated racetrack horse to eventually being awarded the rank of Sergeant, amongst her many Military accolades, she was awarded two Purple Hearts, and a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal:

"Her most notable day of combative action would take place during the Battle of Outpost Vegas in March 1953. In a single day, Reckless made no less than 51 solo trips, conveying 386 recoilless rifle rounds to her unit. Additionally, she escorted or carried several wounded marines to the nearby aid station. This was all in spite of incurring two wounds herself during the day. She was promptly promoted to Corporal." - Warlord Games

Seargent Reckless - Warlord Games

Sergeant Reckless // Warlord Games

If you plan on making any Warlord purchases this month, when you spend £50 in the store, you will immediately swag yourself a 28mm Reckless. Once you have added the products to your basket, she'll canter her way in. There are no other ways to get hold of the miniature, with the promo ending on the 30th of September.

You can add Reckless to your game of Bolt Action: Korea, standing in as a mighty Veteran medic with a twist in combat and added support, also providing further support to surrounding recoilless rifle units. She's incredibly handy to have around! Be sure to check out her full uses and story here.

Nothing quite says support like a thundering warhorse carrying explosives!

I recently learned about Wojtek, the Polish Corporal Syrian brown bear. What other tactical animals have you heard of that have proven hardy on the human battlefield?

"You can add Reckless to your game of Bolt Action Korea, standing in as a mighty Veteran medic with a twist in combat..."

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