Victrix Preview Their 12mm World War II Germans

March 16, 2020 by brennon

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Victrix are continuing their previews for all things 12mm and World War II with a peek at their German Infantry which will be coming soon alongside the tanks.

German Infantry Section #1 - Victrix

This shows off the detail they are hoping to get plus the options for each sculpt which comes in the set. As well as a selection of standard K98 rifles there are also going to be some special weapons too. You'll be able to get Commanders, MG42 Teams plus future releases will cover Platoon and Company HQ options, Heavy Weapon Platoons for MG42s and 81mm Mortars. You'll also be able to snag yourself Panzerschreks too.

German Infantry Section #2 - Victrix

As well as the Germans, there is also someone on board to help with the production of the British Infantry as well. So, sooner or later, you're going to have access to both a nice selection of Allies and Axis troops who are going to be fighting it out in Normandy.

Also, to give you an impression of how big/small these tanks are, the team also showed off some more painted examples against a 28mm miniature.

Scale Comparison 12mm - Victrix

There you can see a German and American tank lined up against each other and looking rather swish indeed. As we mentioned last week, 12mm is an interesting choice but it seems like Victrix is going all-in on this one. So, we shall wait and see what Victrix have lined up as the range grows.

What do you make of those German Infantry figures?

"...we shall wait and see what Victrix have lined up as the range grows"

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