Warlord Preview Hulking M46 Patton For Bolt Action: Korea

July 23, 2019 by brennon

Warlord Games are ramping up for the introduction of Bolt Action: Korea at the beginning of August and with that come new miniatures. Here we have a preview of the big ol' M46 Patton Heavy Tank for those playing alongside the US against China and the North Koreans.

M46 Patton Heavy Tank - Warlord Games

You might think that this tank has a very odd paint scheme and someone has clearly gone mad but it's actually based on this tank HERE.

When this beast rolled into combat it was able to turn the tide, easily matching up against the likes of the Soviet T-34/85. It also used to blow up bunkers and other fortifications and later took on an indirect fire support role when the battlelines ground to a halt.

M45 Patton Heavy Tank Model - Warlord Games

Despite the war coming to an uneasy ceasefire and time creeping on the M46 Patton Heavy Tank remained with troops on the DMZ many years after it was established. Considering the embarrassing first engagements between the US and North Korean troops early in the war it probably felt good to finally turn the tide on them with these upgraded vehicles.

Will you be siding with the Americans in Bolt Action: Korea?

"It also used to blow up bunkers and other fortifications..."

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