Get Stuck Into A WW2 Dogfight With Air Raid 36/46’s Kickstarter

May 15, 2023 by brennon

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Babek Amelizadeh has taken to Kickstarter with a new 1/200 scale World War II aerial dogfighting game called Air Raid 36/46. This easy-to-learn game features ways for you to play out clashes in the skies from a variety of different theatres of war and in some "what if?" scenarios too.

Air Raid 36 46 Kickstarter

Air Raid 36/46 Kickstarter

Air Raid 36/46 covers the period from 1936 through to 1946 (quite aptly!) and can be played in a one-versus-one encounter or with multiplayer players per side taking control of aircraft in teams. You can play out clashes from the Spanish Civil War through to battles in the Pacific, the Western and Eastern theatres and across North Africa. Air Raid 36/46 also looks ahead and has a peek at what would happen if the war hadn't ended in 1945.

Gameplay-wise, Air Raid takes place in a hex grid which is a handy way of avoiding any disagreements when it comes to movement! Damage and status effects are also marked on the bases of the planes that you use so there's no need for a lot of bookkeeping. The planes that you're using in-game are also represented by stat cards where everything is in one place.

Pacific Engagement - Air Raid 36 46

Pacific Engagement // Air Raid 36/46

The main box for the game and the focus of the campaign at present features a clash in the Pacific. There are ten metal aircraft in the set alongside all the bits and pieces that you need to get started with the game. The base game's rulebook will be English by default but if enough backers get on board, there will also be a German version as well.

As mentioned above, the set will feature metal planes. The team thought about resin but they wanted to try and nail the details and also the robustness of the planes that you get to use in games. I think that sounds like a solid idea and should mean that you get some gorgeous little planes to paint up and play with.

Dogfight - Air Raid 36 46

Dogfight // Air Raid 36/46

Rules-wise, the game is split into three phases. You have initiative, movement and combat. Initiative is a roll-off which is nice and simple and then you get into the movement phase. Speed and the skill of the pilot are taken into account when attempting a variety of different manoeuvres and you'll have to judge this when it comes to clashing with your foes on the tabletop. During the combat phase, both you and your target take potshots at each other so it keeps everyone involved in the gameplay as you run through it. Each aircraft is unique and you'll want to master their use and maybe use some real-world details in order to get the upper hand on your enemies!

There are also optional rules for you to consider including altitude and cloud cover alongside more of a focus on the skills of each pilot. You don't need to include this during your first games though and you can simply dive in and have some fun if you like.

On Patrol - Air Raid 36 46

On Patrol // Air Raid 36/46

As well as the clash above Pearl Harbour that you get in the core box, the team are also working towards introducing a LOT of additional planes into the mix. There are a bunch of add-ons plus stretch goal material which can enhance your Air Raid 36/46 pledge. As an example, folks have unlocked a neat 1/2400 scale Japanese Aircraft Carrier and also a host of awesome scenarios that have been added into the core box.

If you're looking for a different air combat game, Air Raid 36/46 might well be worth having a peek at. I have always liked World War II air combat and have been enamoured by the Battle Of Britain, Hurricanes and Spitfires. Whilst the focus might be on the Pacific theatre here, it could be a lot of fun to give this a go.

Will you be pledging to pick up Air Raid 36/46?

"The main box for the game and the focus of the campaign at present features a clash in the Pacific..."

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