WWII Polish Rise Up In Warsaw From InfamousJT

July 4, 2020 by avernos

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Jamie Tranter ran a Kickstarter for a 28mm range of Warsaw Uprising 1944 insurgents and an armoured car back in 2018, in 2019 we lucky backers got our paws on them and beautiful they are too.

Now in 2020 InfamousJT has a lovely new webstore, filled with lovely minis, beautifully painted by Ruben Torregrosa from Heresy Brush so now you too can pick up a partisan Pole or two.

The Uprising - InfamousJT

Sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski of Savage Forged Minis and Jonathan Llinares of Vae Victis, this range of 28mm figures has had a ridiculous amount of work to make them not only a great set of wargaming miniatures but more importantly, an accurate representation of the men and women who fought in the 44 Uprising.

Photographer (Eugeniusz Lokajski) & Partisan Medic (Danuta Motas)

How accurate? I'm glad you asked, many of the figures have been sculpted from photographs of the insurgents themselves, the two most notable for me being Photographer (Eugeniusz Lokajski) & Partisan Medic (Danuta Motas).

Eugeniusz Lokajski was an athlete and gymnast who was conscripted in 1939 for the defensive war, despite being captured by the Soviets he managed to escape to Warsaw and opened a photographic shop while also teaching at the underground universities in the city.

He lost his life in the Uprising but his sister published an album of the photographs he took Brok: Eugeniusz Lokajski 1908-1944, a Reporter. It doesn't look easy to track down but there is a large amount of his work online and if you plan on modelling the uprising it's an excellent place to start.

Danuta Motas served as a medic in the Home Army at the age of 18. She survived the uprising; despite a room she was in being hit by a tank's shell. This tank is believed to have been a Tiger tank. Luckily for Danuta, a door crashed into her, absorbing most of the shock but leaving her very injured. These show the kind of detailed research that Jamie and the sculptors went into to get every mini as close to perfect as they could.

Civilian & Military Outfits - InfamousJT

On the subject of accuracy, the sculpts themselves are wearing a variety of clothing, some like those above are wearing mainly civilian clothing with the red and white brassard to identify them the others (below) are wearing a mixture of military uniforms including captured German uniforms.

The very keen-eyed among you may even notice that the weapons are also accurately realised, with not only Thompsons and Sten guns but also the Błyskawica and Kop Pal guns manufactured in Poland during the occupation.

The command, rifle and sub-machine gun packs all contain four figures with a mixture of dress throughout to really give you that hodgepodge feel of a partizan paramilitary force. But as you would expect there are also support available for the Polish forces, with both specialist weapons and some vehicles.

Kubus & Friends - InfamousJT

Apart from some PIAT's airdropped in by the British the Polish fighters made extensive use of flamethrowers for use against armoured targets, the K-Pattern seeing the largest production, numbers are impossible to estimate but one workshop alone over 400 were produced so it's fitting to see it on the tabletop. The dispatch rider would make an excellent scenario or objective piece but I think most people will be drawn to the Kubus.

The name Kubus was taken in honour of the wife of one of the constructors known as Globus, as she was killed in early August and had used the pseudonym Kubuś, Polish for "Little Jacob". The vehicle entered service immediately upon completion and was attached to the "Wydra" motorised unit.

The following day, together with a captured Sd.Kfz.251/3 Ausf.D named Gray Wolf, it took part in a failed assault at the main campus of Warsaw University which had been turned into a military garrison by Nazi Germany, and the same assault repeated again two weeks later on September 2nd.

During the second assault, Kubuś received minor damage and was successfully withdrawn from combat to Polish-held areas, but it was not repaired and on September 6 it was instead abandoned at Okólnik Street. The armoured car could carry between 8 and 12 soldiers and was armed with a Soviet-built DP-27 machine gun, underground-built K pattern flamethrower and hand grenades, in addition to the personal armament of the soldiers and the kit is provided with both of these weapons and a PIAT.

These miniatures are perfect for Bolt Action, or your go-to game of choice for the second world war. Jamie and his team have done a simply amazing job in rendering these figures for the tabletop and although they are specifically made for the Warsaw Uprising they could be used for any of the Polish forces throughout Operation Tempest and make excellent Partizan models that you could drop into various armies.

Anyone who has attempted to put a partisan force together knows how rare any civilian clothed models are to find, never mind ones sculpted at this quality. I would whole-heartedly recommend taking a look at this range if you're interested in WWII and I look forward to seeing what InfamousJT has in store in the future.

How many Flamethrowers is too many?

" Jamie and his team have done a simply amazing job in rendering these figures for the tabletop..."

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