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Multiverse Gaming Battle Over Spaceship Wreckage


Multiverse Gaming is getting into the Star Wars mood with their latest terrain kit. The Spaceship Wreckage would be a rather awesome set for use on any number of backwater planets within the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars, Industrial & Sci-Fi Terrain Kits From Multiverse Gaming


Check out the new terrain kits for a range of stylish tabletops

Fight Through Multiverse Gaming’s Forges Of Prometheus Terrain


Coming to your tabletop soon Multiverse Gaming has been previewing the modularity of their new Forges Of Prometheus terrain that looks great for some frantic battles in close quarters.

Battle Through Multiverse Gaming’s Gothic Ruins Terrain


Tinkering away on some new terrain the folks at Multiverse Gaming have put together some new terrain sets for your Gothic Ruins out there in a ruined Fantasy world or some distant Sci-Fi planet.

A Sweet Ride Rolls Into The Ruins Of Giliath From Multiverse Gaming


Multiverse Gaming has been working quietly behind the scenes and have shared the first look at their next release for the Ruins of Giliath. It looks like a sweet motorcycle is due out later this week.

Multiverse Gaming Adds More Gritty City Details To Their Versatiles Range


Your superhero table is about to get even more super with the latest additions from Multiverse Gaming. This week it's chainlink fences and a fantastic concrete bridge!

Concrete Barriers Added To Multiverse’s Versatile Dark City Line


Want to add some construction details to your city table? Multiverse Gaming has the perfect scatter detail with their Concrete Barriers.

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?


The “L” Is Coming To Multiverse Gaming’s Dark City Range


Just when you thought you couldn't squeeze one more cool piece of terrain into your city table, the guys at Multiverse Gaming have shown off the "L" train that will be added to their newly announced Versatiles range.

The “Doctor” Is In For Multiverse Gaming’s Tombstone


Arthritis? Appendicitis? Chicken Pox? The "doctor" of Multiverse Gaming's Tombstone range have just the thing- maybe. 2 New travelling "doctors" will be joining the wild west range.

Multiverse Gaming Adds More Food Truck Options For Your City Scene


Even the minis on your gaming tables should have some variety in their city, and Multiverse Gaming is showing off a new Fast Food Set to change things up.

Multiverse Gaming’s Tombstone Range Has Hit Their Webstore


The wild west is about to get a makeover courtesy of Multiverse Gaming, as their Tombstone range has hit their webstore. Now you can add loads of fantastic new terrain to your table in 28-35mm scale buildings and scatter.

The Assay Office Is Ready For Tombstone From Multiverse Gaming


It's almost time for Multiverse Gaming to reveal their whole 28-35mm, wild west terrain range, Tombstone! Today we get a look at the Assay Office, which is sure to be a welcome addition to your table.

Visit The General Store From Multiverse’s Tombstone Terrain


Multiverse Gaming are continuing work on their upcoming range of Tombstone wild west terrain. The latest preview to appear features the General Store, the largest kit so far.

Multiverse Gaming Teaser Images For Dark City Food Vendors


If you've ever been to a big city, you know that fast food street vendors are practically a requirement. This week Multiverse Gaming has released teaser images for Fast Food vendors for their 28mm-35mm, Dark City range.

The West Comes To Life In Multiverse Gaming’s Tombstone Line


Have a look at what's rolling into the wild west from Multiverse Gaming! They are showing off some of the great things we can expect to see in their Tombstone range, including the Undertaker's business as well as a fantastic stagecoach.

Multiverse Gaming Announces Tombstone Terrain Range


The wild west town of Tombstone will be coming to life in the next few months from the terrain wizards at Multiverse Gaming. Soon you will be able to set the perfect gaming scene in 28-35mm.

Multiverse Gaming Shows Off A Preview Of Their New Newstand Set


Any busy city worth it's salt will have at least one (if not more) newsstands. Multiverse Gaming thought it was time to bring the news to your game table and this week they're showing off a preview of their newsstand set for their Dark City range.

Multiverse Preview Their Upcoming Tattoo Parlor


Multiverse Gaming is adding to their Dark City Range, and this week's preview is for the Tattoo Parlor. This piece is loaded with customizable options for you to change up the way the building looks and feels to whatever your city table needs.

Two Buildings To Be Added To The Dark City Range From Multiverse


Multiverse Gaming has been working on a couple new pieces for their Dark City Range. There's currently a Beauty Parlor and Tattoo Shop under construction to add character and bring colorful characters into your games.

Multiverse Gaming Take The High Road On Walkways


Multiverse Gaming are really developing their Industrial terrain sets and with that in mind they showed off the Walkway Set which includes a lot of stairs, long walkways and pillars for fighting atop tightly packed walkways...

Multiverse Gaming Preview Their Industrial Terrain Towers


Multiverse Gaming will soon be helping gamers take their terrain to new levels with their 28-35mm Industrial Terrain Range. This versatile set will feature a host of interchangeable options, allowing gamers to tailor the look and feel of their tables.

Multiverse Gaming Announces 28-35mm Industrial Range


If you're looking for some industrial terrain pieces for your 28-35mm pulpy games, then Multiverse Gaming is a company to watch. They'll be launching a range of Industrial pieces to outfit your table with plenty of places to lurk about.

Multiverse Gaming Is Working On More Street Scatter Terrain


What respectable super hero city table wouldn't have a phone booth or two? Multiverse Gaming couldn't agree more and are working on some great city scatter terrain to handle this very issue.

Small Businesses Florish In Multiverse Gaming’s Dark City Range


Multiverse Gaming is making more fantastic pieces for their Dark City Range. This week they are showing off the WIP of the Baudelaire Florist Post Services, which is certain to add character to your city scene.

Buy, Sell & Trade With Multiverse Gaming’s Pawn Shop


Are your minis looking for a place to buy, sell, or trade (or rob!)? Multiverse Gaming has built the perfect Pawn Shop to add to your city scene.

Multiverse Gaming Launches HobbyGlass For Your Windows


Do you ever find yourself thinking your building could really use some nice windows to finish them off? Multiverse Gaming has a the perfect way to make that happen with their new HobbyGlass.

Multiverse Gaming Brings Three New Terrain Accent Sets To Your City


Set the scene on your city table with the perfect scatter details from Multiverse Gaming. Bus stops, billboards and ladders are just a few of the great options to provide the finishing touches on your table.

Multiverse Gaming Features Their Monarch Theatre Building


Plenty of action happens in or near a theater, so Multiverse Gaming has created a really stunning piece to add to your city. Their Monarch Theatre offers multiple levels and customization to set the perfect scene in your pulp/superhero games.

New Partnership Announced For Multiverse Gaming & Pulp Monsters


Your pulp gaming has just been taken to the next level! Multiverse Gaming and Pulp Monsters have just announced a new partnership to combine their forces and make your pulp gaming even more epic!

Urban Scatter Details From Multiverse Sets The Scene


Looking to add some details to your city table? Multiverse Games has you covered with their latest subway entrance and gargoyles for your buildings!

New Scatter Terrain For Your City From Multiverse Gaming


Multiverse Gaming has just released a couple great new terrain scatter pieces to make your city tables even more interesting. Planters and A/C units can make roof tops more dynamic and provide plenty of cover.

Perfect Extras & Scatter Terrain From Multiverse Gaming


Is your table top city scene under construction? Maybe it should be- or at least look like it is! Multiverse Gaming has a nice variety of construction-like scatter terrain to change up the look of your table.

Multiverse Gaming Has Upped The Ante With Their Fyfe Magnetower


Take your terrain to new heights with the newest addition to Multiverse Gaming's Dark City range. The Fyfe Magnetower not only looks great, but collapses easily for handy storage!

Plan Your Heroic Efforts From A Super Computer By Multiverse Gaming


Does your superhero or villain need some new technology to coordinate their efforts? Multiverse Gaming has a great new MDF kit to build your own super computer for your game!

An Old Diner Is Coming To Multiverse’s Dark City Range


Looking to diversify your city scene? Multiverse Gaming has a great new addition to their Dark City line, the Old Diner, that is sure to capture that missing element on your table.

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