More 10mm Previews Introduce Gripping Beast’s Romans

September 17, 2019 by brennon

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Gripping Beast has been previewing some more 10mm soldiers for use in your small scale wargames set during the Ancient period.


This shows off an enemy for the Parthians to battle against, the Roman Auxiliaries. The set comes clad in the armour of their patrons and whilst most likely taken from the various kingdoms conquered by the Romans they now have a fierce loyalty to the cause.

A full-on Roman army seems to be on the way as they revealed the Roman Legionaries this week too.

Parthians Gathered

As well as the Romans shown above there was also a full look at the Parthian army which got previewed over the past week.

The Parthians Army - Gripping Beast

Here you can see the ranks of cavalry arrayed at the back as well as skirmishers and horse archers at the front. You also have the additional Commander figures we looked at too. A few folks have said that this is a neat first attempt at bringing 10mm troops into the mix for Gripping Beast.

Are you going to be picking up these 10mm soldiers when they release?

"Are you going to be picking up these 10mm soldiers when they release?"

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