Snap Up 12mm Night Orcs & Monsters For Pendraken’s Warband

January 13, 2021 by brennon

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Pendraken Miniatures has now (re)released a few more kits for use in their 12mm Fantasy wargame called Warband. If you're someone who has missed the golden days of Warmaster then these armies might be for you. We start with some Night Orcs!

Night Orc Spearmen - Pendraken Miniatures

Night Orc Spearmen // Pendraken Miniatures

The Historical collection from Pendraken is normally in their standard scale of 10mm but with Warband, the scale creeps up a bit to embrace the heroic nature of these Fantasy soldiers. With these Night Orcs, you get a peek at the sneaky and stabby side of greenskin armies! The first set comes with Night Orcs using spears in two hands and also a selection with shields. You also have a champion to lead the way.

If you want to shoot your enemies from afar then you've also got the Night Orc Archers that you can snap up from their Fantasy collection too.

Night Orc Archers - Pendraken Miniatures

Night Orc Archers // Pendraken Miniatures

Much like with the Spearmen, you've got a lot of different poses here which can be mixed and matched when assembling your force. Once these have been positioned on their larger bases and turned into little dioramas you'll not even really notice the repeat sculpts I reckon.

Massive Monsters

As well as the Night Orcs, you can also pick up a new selection of Monsters for use in Warband. I've picked out a few of the miniatures that caught my eye but there is a lot more to take a peek at as part of their collection I assure you.

Fire Giants - Pendraken Miniatures

Fire Giants // Pendraken Miniatures

Coming in around the 25/32mm scale because of their bulk, these seem like they'd be a brilliant option for those wanting to show off the creatures that can dominate the battlefield. The Fire Giants look like they would work well within a Norse warband or alongside one of the classic "evil" armies like Orcs.

Keeping with the theme of Nordic armies though we also have these quirky Forest Trolls which immediately made me quote the Trollhunter film.

Forest Trolls - Pendraken Miniatures

Forest Trolls // Pendraken Miniatures

These might be good for evil armies but I think they could also find a place amongst an Elf army instead too. Imagine the Elves of the woods being able to coax these Trolls out onto the battlefield with the promise of a good scrap?

Are you going to be checking out the new Warband options from Pendraken Miniatures?

"Are you going to be checking out the new Warband options from Pendraken Miniatures?"

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