Lucius’ Assassin Agent 46 Is Ordered Back To Malifaux

February 3, 2019 by dracs

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Wyrd have previewed a new character who will be coming into Malifaux with the launch of the game's third edition. Lucius' own subtle knife, Agent 46.

As with many others of Lucius' crew, Agent 46 is a mimic, but one skilled in the subtle arts of assassination.

Lucius’ eyes and ears span across all of Malifaux, but even he has his blind spots, especially on Earth. As soon as he caught wind about forgotten Neverborn meeting in the forests and caves across Europe, he had to know more. But with Marlow taking power after the last Governor-General’s near ascension, the mimic’s grip on climbing the Guild ladder has weakened, so he has requested that his most trusted and unknown agent return to directly aid him once more.

He brings with him plenty of invaluable skills, all at the deputy governor's disposal.

Agent 46 is a great addition to Lucius' crew and one which I speaks to the crew leader's own nature. While he's busy directing things from the back, Agent 46 is free to go out and strike at those points where the enemy is most vulnerable.

Would you hire the services of this mysterious assassin?

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