Anarchy Models Hit Kickstarter With High Speed Stencils!

November 4, 2014 by brennon

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Anarchy Models and friend of the show Brian Best has taken to Kickstarter with the awesome High Speed Stencil System for use with airbrushing. If you want some great looking effects quickly then these might be for you...

High Speed Stencil System

Stencil In Use

Steampunk Design

There are some fascinating options for you to pick up from the campaign that give you really fun looking effects in a very short time. I love the look of the Steampunk Gears for example above and it would be great to see what someone could do with that and some buildings for example. Here's the full run down on them...

  • Fully Re-useable - with proper care, HS Stencils will last for years.
  • Semi-transparent - you can see where you are putting the stencil
  • Washable and solvent proof. Simply clean with a suitable substance for the paint you are using.
  • Thin and Flexible.
  • Will produce a softer edge - In some cases you may not want a really crisp edge like the HD stencils provide.
  • Not Sticky - are used either freehand or by taping to the model/item
  • Quick to use -  you do not have to spend time making sure the stencil is stuck to the item, and in some cases you may not need to mask off the rest of the item.
  • Easy to use - create amazing paintwork with even a basic level of skill

DreadBall Pattern

Hex Example

Two of the coolest things they've shown off so far have been the DreadBall Pitch Hex Design that you can see above. Not only can you do it as a plain white pitch but you can get blending and create something neon too. The guys in the studio have had a go at this themselves and the effects are neat.

Watch more on Airbrushes & What To Buy with Brian Best.

Will you be pledging to get yourself some of these?

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