AntiMatter Games Craft More DeepWars Heroes & Villains

March 18, 2019 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games has been showing off more of the sculpting from their upcoming Two-Player Starter Set for DeepWars. For example, the two leaders from the set have been finished starting with Lucius Cromwell of the Fortune Hunters.

Lucius Cromwell - AntiMatter Games

This power armoured fellow will be going up against Cylla Darkmyre of the Dark Mariners, giving you a real sense of the natural going up against the mechanical.

Cylla Darkmyr - AntiMatter Games

Whilst I said in the title that this is a reveal of new heroes and villains for the game I think the lines are very blurred in DeepWars with pretty much everyone being as bad/good as each other!

Each of the miniatures in the Starter Set will be cast in resin and come with their accompanying cards for use in game. You can see more of the work going into the Starter Set HERE.

Corrupted Foes

As well as these new options for DeepWars we also had a preview of one for ShadowSea AND DeepWars. Meet the Corrupted Nereid Witch.

Corrupted Nereid Witch #1 - AntiMatter Games

She is a boss character from Stygian Depths but can also be used in the Nereid force for DeepWars if you so desired. Once again, I love the sculpting that goes into the AntiMatter range, producing miniatures which would be an utter joy to paint.

Corrupted Nereid Witch #2 - AntiMatter Games

I wonder who is going to be psychopathic enough to try and paint each of those scales individually? I think I'd just go with a base colour and various degrees of drybrushing to try and bring the miniature to life!

Drop your thoughts on the line-up below...

"I wonder who is going to be psychopathic enough to try and paint each of those scales individually?"

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