AntiMatter Games Show Off Mighty Forest Giant From The Depths

September 11, 2019 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games has been previewing another of the 3D printable files that will be available in their upcoming Kickstarter. Here we have the mighty Forest Giant from the Uncharted Realms Of The Abyss.

Forest Giant - AntiMatter Games

This mighty creature which looks absolutely amazing is from the realm of the Sunless Forest which exists deep beneath the earth. This particular creature is perfect for those looking to play more games set in the world of ShadowSea but the Kickstarter will also focus on STL files for those wanting DeepWars creatures and terrain too.

Obviously you can tweak the model to suit your games but this creature traditionally stands at 130mm which is pretty big!

What do you make of this Forest Giant?

"What do you make of this Forest Giant?"

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