Anvil Industry Follow Three New Commissars Into Battle

April 19, 2019 by brennon

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Anvil Industry has shown off three new Commissar models in different styles for you to include amongst your Imperial armies. Leading the way we have the chunky Armoured Commissar.

Armoured Commissar - Anvil Industry

This fellow is armed with a big ol' chunky fist which is able to punch its way through pretty much anything. He is also clad in heavier armour making him a proper frontline leader. Still, being a Commissar he still needs to look good so he's still wearing his flash jacket too.

I like this fellow, leading the way into battle in a perfect battle pose. This is what you need for characters!

Commanding Presence

Directing the action from afar we also have this Dress Uniform Female Commissar.

Dress Uniform Commissar - Anvil Industry

She looks like a Commissar who likes to watch the action from afar, directing the artillery and surveying the battlefield before she commits to action. Whilst I'm not enjoying the pose as much here I like the story being told with the sculpt as she readies her sword and draws a pistol as the enemy approach.

The stern look on her face is also a great touch, glaring at those who would defy her.


Turning the tables on many miniatures out there we also have this Jungle Commissar done in a pin-up style.

Jungle Commissar - Anvil Industry

With his ripped jacket, equally ripped abs and big guns this fellow is one hell of a swoon-worthy fellow. You could see him adorning many an Imperial propaganda poster. I like this fellow as a good alternative to those playing Catachans in Warhammer 40,000.

What do you make of these three new Commissars?

"You could see him adorning many an Imperial propaganda poster..."

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