Archon Prep New Wave Of Starfinder Miniature Releases

May 22, 2020 by brennon

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Archon Studio has been showing off some previews of their next wave of Starfinder Miniatures to work alongside the roleplaying game by Paizo. This latest selection is called Starfighter and looks at a series of pilots and champions who you'll find when blasting through the inky black of space.

Starfinder Miniatures New Wave - Archon Studio

Here you can see a selection of four new miniatures which give you an idea of the different races and classes they are going to be covering with the new wave. If you're looking for tinkerers and those who take the battle to the front line then these are worth checking out.

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This particular character was very cool when I first saw her. I loved that she is covered in all sorts of equipment and accessories that she has managed to gather on her travels. Plus, she has a little robot friend who is going to blast you into next week!

Next, we've got a character who looks like they'd be a prime candidate for a protagonist in a Sci-Fi epic. Again, I like the way the armour and clothing has been designed and that staff would be excellent to paint up to make it look like it's crackling with energy.

Starfinder Miniatures New Wave #3 - Archon Studio

We get taller and thinner with the next miniatures in their recent preview. This fellow looks like a peerless ace pilot and someone that you'd want to have at your side when you're engaged in a brutal dogfight. I think it would be neat to paint his skin in a bright colour and contrast it against a dark flightsuit.

Starfinder Miniatures New Wave #4 - Archon Studio

From the tall to the small with the next miniature in the collection too. Being small means that you can fit into some rather funky looking fighter craft. This little lady seems like she's all kinds of sassy and she probably has quite a lot of quips to throw your way.

Starfinder Miniatures New Wave #2 - Archon Studio

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up some of these miniatures for your Pathfinder games? I think they look rather fun and we've seen some nice looks at the finished miniatures in the past. Maybe this will end up inspiring you to create a new character for a space-faring adventure?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Maybe this will end up inspiring you to create a new character for a space-faring adventure?"

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