Artel Show Off More Of Their Grimdark Imperial Characters

January 22, 2020 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures have been showing off more of what they have been working on over the last few weeks. Each of these characters would be pretty good for dropping into a bit of roleplaying set within a grimdark world. We start with the new Imperial Noble.

Imperial Noble - Artel W Miniatures

I think this would make for a very cool character to play as in perhaps a game like Wrath & Glory? You could also find a place for the character in some Blackstone Fortress adventures if you're willing to tinker with some character options or as the leader of a Kill Team which is seeking out heretics to burn!

The Hunt Is On

Perhaps joining that Noble as part of an expedition to kill mutants we also have the Hunter here who is armed with a different weapon option. This is very clearly a Freebooter of some kind who has their sights set on bringing low his enemies and stealing all they hold dear.

Hunter - Artel W Miniatures

I love that the weapon isn't loaded with traditional bullets but instead seems to be packed full of stakes so that something can be pinned down and studied before it is decapitated and dragged off to a lab somewhere (or "incinerated" as the records in the Inquisitorial records recall). Once again, a really cool idea for a character to roleplay as!

Lay Low The Beast

Finally, we've got the mighty Beast Slayer, clad in heavy armour and with the hide of some noble creature draped around his shoulders.

Beastslayer - Artel W Miniatures

This fellow is clearly a good option to throw into the mix as the leader of your own Chapter of Space Marines. You could use him as a human in power armour but I think he'd be even better as a proper Space Marine Captain who is at the head of a Chapter known as the Beast Slayers or Monster Mashers...maybe you folks could do a better job on the name.

However you choose to use him, this fellow would make for a great addition to your grimdark collection.

Which of the three is your favourite?

"Which of the three is your favourite?"

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