Artel W Miniatures’ Iron Khan Rides For Da Waaaagh!

January 14, 2020 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has got to the stage where it is showing off a rather fancy looking new miniature for those who love greenskins. Here we have the Iron Khan which came from a concept by Dermot McCall.

Iron Khan - Artel W Miniatures

The team at Artel W Miniatures are focused on finalising the model right now but they are also asking the community what they think of the piece as it stands. Is there anything you would change? I think the model is looking like it is on the right side of detailed and busy and would make a great centrepiece vehicle for your Ork army, perhaps a band of Speed Freeks?

Iron Khan Alt - Artel W Miniatures

I always love seeing the little details that get added into the mix with these renders. The little turret at the back with the Gretchin/Grot firing like mad is a perfect addition to a piece which is obviously quite serious and dangerous! The nice edge of dark comedy throughout Ork armies is why they're worth collecting!

You can also see the vehicle without the Iron Khan himself seating in the middle of it. So, one would assume that you could even do some tinkering and try and drop some other custom miniatures into the mix.

Iron Khan Turret - Artel W Miniatures

The Orks are looking great from Artel W and they provide a lot of gamers with a way to build an Ork force for Warhammer 40,000 without having to go back to tired old miniatures which just haven't seen the update that they deserve.

What do you think of the Iron Khan?

"What do you think of the Iron Khan?"

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