Artel W Go Berserk With The New Orcy Iron Boss!

November 22, 2018 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has revealed another of their masterful miniatures for you to throw into the mix when playing games of Warhammer 40,000 for example. Here is their Orc Iron Boss who looks like a proper wrecking ball of a character.

Iron Boss #1 - Artel W Miniatures

Standing at 104mm in total he is a massive 28mm figure which will be smashing his way through pretty much anything that stands in his way. I love the cobbled together armour and the choice of weapons with power klaw and axe at the ready. The touch of the Grot on his back with his own machine gun is also a great way of showing that he has a ranged weapon option.

Iron Boss #2 - Artel W Miniatures

I think what sells the miniature is that it is incredibly dynamic. An Orc covered in this much armour could more often than not end up feeling like a clanking robot but because of the posing here and the added character in the face you've got a character who feels like he is in motion, startlingly so!

Orcs are still one of the most fun armies to play with I think and they really do bring out the inventive/creative side of sculptors and artists so I can see this fellow being very popular.

What do you make of the Iron Boss?

"I think what sells the miniature is that it is incredibly dynamic..."

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