Artel W Reveal The Future Of Their Seeress

January 22, 2019 by dracs

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Artel W Miniatures have finished the sculpting on their upcoming sci-fi seeress miniature and have shown it off with two assembly variants.

There is something extremely graceful about this model. It may be a case of foot-on-rock, but I think it can be forgiven as the stance makes it look as though she is drifting across the battlefield.

The sculpt itself promises to feature some really nice detail, adding to the sci-fi look and feel of the character. The variant options on display here are particularly nice, though I do question the orb of psychic power. Sure, it's cool to see her mid-spell, but the way her hand is posed makes it look a bit like she's playing basketball.

What variants do you hope to see for this sculpt?

"It look as though she is drifting across the battlefield"

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