Artel W Tease New April Miniatures Releases

April 5, 2019 by cassn

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Artel W Miniatures have kicked off their spring season with a preview of two wonderful women to add to your tabletop!


First up is the fantasy Witch-Queen, whose face appears to be modeled after my hangover look. Luckily, for her, whatever witchcraft she dabbles in has given her the body of a young Pamela Anderson. Now she just needs to hydrate to sort out those cheeks and she'll be grand.


Also previewed for April was Artel W's Spidermorph Brute for the Outlaws. Let's start with the positives; I think the posing is excellent, and I'm totally on board for a female Doctor Octopus with added back guns - it's every woman's dream really. However, that cannot be a comfortable breastplate (maybe that's why she looks so mad - I know I would be).

Angry feminist jokes aside, I think these are decent miniatures. I'm not as interested in the Witch-Queen as I feel the posing is a bit generic, but the Spidermorph Brute is really cool. You can check these miniatures out in greater detail on the Artel W Facebook page.

Will you be adding these wicked women to your tabletop game? Tell us your thoughts below!

"She just needs to hydrate to sort out those cheeks!"

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