Artel W Send The Iron Hordes Medic To Patch You Up

August 7, 2019 by dracs

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Even tough greenskins need a medical attention sometimes, so Artel W have created a new Medikk to patch up the orcs of their Iron Hordes.

I grew up in a medical family, so I can tell that this is the sort of medical professional who will tell you to walk it off. So what if your leg's lopped off? It won't get better if you don't use it.

I love some of the options this guy has. There are two hand alternatives shown, one with just a really big syringe and the other with what I can only describe as a leech. Guess orcs believe in old school medicine.

This Medikk is of course accompanied by a faithful Nurz.

An assistant like this is vital to a battlefield medic. They can fetch and carry all their essential equipment and, at a pinch, be a handy source of replacement body parts.

Artel W have said that this model is now under production and might be seeing a release around Orctober time.

Would you trust this Medikk with your life?

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