Artizan Designs Introduce New Border Ranging Heroes & Foes

August 22, 2019 by brennon

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Artizan Designs have released some new models for their Borderlands Fantasy collection which would be good for a certain solo skirmish game. Take a look...

Ranger Captain - Artizan

The first miniature is the Ranger Captain who looks like he has been fighting for quite a while on the road. You could imagine him being the grizzled and resolute leader for your warband, fully aware of the horrors that await beyond the borders of his home kingdom.

We also have this fellow, Ranger With Sword, who looks like he has just been spooked by something rather terrifying indeed. Perhaps as they were wandering through the woods a Troll has burst from the forest, threatening to crush them!?

Ranger With Sword - Artizan

We also have this more sedate Ranger With Sword #2 entry who would be a good fit for someone who wanted to show Rangers on the road.

Ranger With Sword Alt - Artizan

I like the idea of doing a little diorama which showed your Rangers wandering across the land a bit like the silhouette image that we got for The Lord Of The Rings films. That would work very nicely as a little presentation piece alongside your group.

Dark Foes

Every Ranger needs foes to face and that's where some more of the Artizan Designs releases come in. See what you make of these Revenants which also popped up this week.

Revenant - Artizan

There is also this alternative Revenant so you have two to choose from. They certainly look the part as long-dead warriors who have been cursed to wander the lands, haunting the living.

Revenant Alt - Artizan

As mentioned at the start of this piece, these models would make great additions to the Rangers Of Shadow Deep collection which has been built up by North Star. The proportions and such work very nicely alongside that range so if you need some alternatives, you could dive right in.

What do you make of these new models from Artizan Designs?

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