Atlantis Miniatures Bring A Menagerie Of Animals & Orcs Together!

May 1, 2015 by brennon

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Atlantis Miniatures have been working hard behind the scenes on a whole range of new sculpts to add to their upcoming collection. The interesting thing about this progress is that as well as Orcs and Trolls they've also added quite a lot of awesome Animals...

To The Zoo!

First up lets have a look at the list of creatures that they're bringing to the tabletop which include Eagles, Boars, Bears and Wyverns...

Great Eagle


First up we have the cool Great Eagle and Wyvern who are both presented with wings outstretched honing in on something before them. The Great Eagle is posed as if its just taking off from its roost with its eye on the target. On the other hand the Wyvern is rearing up to breath some horrible toxin on whoever happened to stumble upon its lair.

Great Boar

War Bear

There are also some land based creatures in the works too. The Great Boar could either be the mount for a creature later down the line or a dangerous enemy in its own right. My favourite of the whole lot however is the War Bear who looks fantastic. Next to Wolves the Bear is my favourite animal so its awesome to see one standing tall roaring away.


As well as the animals there are also some additional greenskins to add the army of Orcs, Goblins and Trolls coming soon to Kickstarter when the campaign launches around July.

Orc Brute

Stone Troll

I quite like the bumbling look of the Orc Brute with his massive axe, he reminds me of the slave driver Orc from Lord of the Rings but the big Stone Troll takes the award for awesomeness. I would pick up their Trolls just to have a nice collection of them to paint up!

Atlantis Miniatures are focusing on getting as much of the range sculpted up in 3D before the Kickstarter hits so that the focus of the campaign can then be on production costs for the final resin miniatures; a good plan I say.

What do you think?

"My favourite of the whole lot however is the War Bear who looks fantastic!"

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